Food, wine and eating times 0

Posted on 15, mayo 2013

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  The Spanish people like to enjoy the good things in life like food, wine and eating times, and their local dishes and wines are on top of the list. Many of the dishes are rice based (as the famous paella) and in Madrid, meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products are varied and of high quality. Fish and seafood are excellent and you can hear that Madrid “is the best seaport” of Spain because of the freshness of the sea products. Spanish people use olive oil in their daily diet, which is proven to be best way to cook in [&hellip

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Where to Live in Madrid 0

Posted on 15, mayo 2013

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where to live in Madrid

It is often difficult to decide where to live in Madrid because the selection of properties available and the different living areas vary a lot. First you have to decide if you want to live in an apartment within the city itself, so you take advantage of Madrid’s shops, cultural activities, etc. Or if you would rather live outside the city centre where you will enjoy more space, less city stress and more peace and quiet. In the outlying areas there are more availability of individual detached and terrace type town houses, with gardens and swimming pools. We give you [&hellip

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Expatriarse a Chile 3

Posted on 13, marzo 2013

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expatriarse a chile

Chile se ha convertido en los últimos 5 años en uno de los países latinoamericanos que más trabajadores extranjeros recibe, constituyéndose, junto a Brasil, Perú y Colombia como los países responsables de que el flujo migratorio de Latinoamérica hacia la Unión Europea registrado durante las últimas tres décadas hasta el 2007, se haya revertido desde el 2009 hasta ahora. Expatriarse a Chile es una opción cada vez más habitual. Si bien Chile ya era un país receptor neto de inmigración de trabajadores de baja cualificación llegados desde Perú y Bolivia fundamentalmente, su excelente desempeño económico, unido a una ya consolidada [&hellip

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