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Basic Relocation Pack

We know that every client has different needs and we also know we have to understand your needs before we even start out. Our decade and a half of experience have enabled us design a Basic Relocation Pack that includes the most frequently demanded services that executives and families have asked us for over the years. Please take it just as a kind of guide. As Steps Relocation, we use a questionnaire to design custom-made services. Should the Basic Relocation Pack not match your needs, we have other alternatives such as our Custom Relocation Pack designed specifically for you, or our Full Relocation Pack.

H  Househunting

We help you to find best available home. We schedule approximately six guided visits with the multilingual counsellor assigned to your family to properties that match your needs as described in our agreement with you.

k  Moving

We organise your entire moving operation with the most appropriate mover and we supervise operations. Based on our experience, you will be using the best professionals available. You avoid the hassle and can rest assured that your household goods will arrive safely and on time.

o  Contrats

We negotiate your rental or lease contract for you and help you with deposits, payments and the like.

4  Utilities and Internet

We take care of applications for utilities and Internet, bank arrangements and direct debits, so you don't need to worry about electricity, water, gas, telephone or Internet.

v  Banks

Your counsellor will take you to the bank of your choice and help you with all the paperwork.

f Pre-Arrival

You take a questionnaire, furnishing us with an analysis of the family, family members and ages, specific needs, medical requirements if necessary, kind of home required, hobbies, interests, and more.

A  Hotel Pick-up

One of our counsellors will pick you up at your hotel or office to take you on a tour of the homes we have initially chosen for you.

i  Neighbourhood orientation

Your counsellor will guide you round the neighbourhood you have chosen to familiarise you with basic things like pharmacies, hospitals, newsagents, transport and local shops.

A quality pack at an affordable price.

Other Packs

Apart from the Basic Pack, you also have our Custom Relocation Pack and our Full Relocation Pack. We are sure to find the option that best matches your requirements. Just ask using the contact form below or phone us today. We’ll be delighted to help you.


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Basic Relocation Pack