What is it?

Conscious of the needs of our clients to speak or improve their language skills in their destination countries in the shortest possible time and with the maximum efficiency and efficacy.

Our services include:

-    Travel arrangements, in regular or private flights.
-    Transfers in luxury vehicles.
-    Unique accommodations.
-    Training programmes.
-    Laundry services.
-    Personalised menus.
-    Guided tours and visits.
-    Personalised shopping excursions.

Our Total Immersion Study Programmes are different from any others on the market because of our total adaptation to the specific needs of our clients.

o    Personality and skills analysis in our teacher selection processes.
o    Personalised language level placement with ad hoc visit by the most suitable tutor.
o    Analysis of communication needs and skills of persons requiring total immersion.
o    Analysis of learning aims, tastes, customs, student wishes, requirements for privacy and confidentiality levels.
o    Selection of unique sites, specialised services, menu programmes, activities programmes, including personal sports monitoring.
o    Determination of course duration and intensity levels depending on our evaluation of all parameters.

o    Top-level accommodation, absolute quality teaching.
o    Ad hoc teacher selection depending on student level and personality.
o    Total immersion programmes adapted to student requirements and assistance in attaining aims and targets.
o    Activities programme fully adapted to student requirements.
o    Total privacy and confidentiality for student and corporation.

Total inmersion Courses