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Custom Relocation Pack

No matter how large your company or your family, at Steps Relocation we offer tailored solutions to match all the services you may need.

Whether you only require househunting or you need other services, we know every client and family is unique. That’s why we offer a Custom Relocation Pack to allow you to decide your relocation needs.

H  Househunting

We help you to find best available home. We schedule approximately six guided visits with the multilingual counsellor assigned to your family to properties that match your needs as described in our agreement with you.

*  Schools

We search for schools in accordance with the basic information given in your initial questionnaire. We can then organise interviews with the director and/or teachers of the selected school and accompany you on visits, and help with initial enrolment and paperwork.

J  Red tape

We deal with all your immigration needs, including work and residency permits, official recognition of school studies, nationalisation, family regrouping and all other immigration paperwork related to your transfer and your family.

k Moving

We organise your entire moving operation with the most appropriate mover and we supervise operations. Based on our experience, you will be using the best professionals available. You avoid the hassle and can rest assured that your household goods will arrive safely and on time.

o  Contracts

We negotiate your rental or lease contract for you and help you with deposits, payments and the like.

4  Utilities and Internet

We take care of applications for utilities and Internet, bank arrangements and direct debits, so you don't need to worry about electricity, water, gas, telephone or Internet.

v  Banks

Your counsellor will take you to the bank of your choice and help you with the paperwork.

h  Pets

We deal with mandatory vaccination programmes in Spain and help you with your pets. We can accompany you to the selected veterinary centre so your new vet can get acquainted with your pets and provide you with any additional information you may need.

T  Total Immersion Course

Conscious of the needs of our clients to speak or improve their language skills in their destination countries in the shortest possible time and with the maximum efficiency and efficacy



J  Translations

Competitive translation rates, fast turn-around times, superb quality and a complete portfolio of professional translation.


f Pre-Arrival

You take a questionnaire, furnishing us with an analysis of the family, family members and ages, specific needs, medical requirements if necessary, kind of home required, hobbies, interests, and more.

A  Hotel Pick-up

One of our counsellors will pick you up at your hotel or office to take you on a tour of the homes we have initially chosen for you.

i  Neighbourhood orientation

Your counsellor will guide you round the neighbourhood you have chosen to familiarise you with basic things like pharmacies, hospitals, newsagents, transport and local shops.

N  City tour

A city tour in the company of your counsellor. An excursion to the museum of your choice, then see the sights by car, stroll round typical areas in the capital, have lunch at a nice restaurant and then maybe spend the afternoon shopping. Have fun and get used to your new city.

y  Holidays away from home

We can advise you on holiday proposals, or organise weekends or even a complete holiday away from home, however close or however far: city, coast or mountains.

C  House Fitting

Before you move in, we make sure your new home is fully fitted in line with your wishes, and that all services and utilities are up and running.

P  Party and event organisation

Whether you want to throw a party at your new house or find a suitable venue, we take care of catering, flowers, emcees, performances, whatever you want, for adults or kids.

3  Office Hunting

You have several choices when looking for a new location for your office. We have an extensive collaborators network where we can easily and quickly provide you with the information you need to make the right choice. It makes sense to use local assets who know the market. We organise everything: plumbing, electricity, moving, IT, furniture, business licences and permits, etc., leaving you free to concentrate on your core business objectives.

A pack where you choose the services you want to hire.

Other packs

In addition to the Custom Relocation Pack, we also offer our Basic Relocation Pack and Full Relocation Pack. We are sure to find the option that best matches your requirements. Just ask using the contact form below or phone us today. We’ll be delighted to help you.

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Custom Relocation Pack