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Posted on 15, mayo 2013

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where to live in Madrid

 Deciding the best place 

It is often difficult to decide where to live in Madrid because the selection of properties available and the different living areas vary a lot.

First you have to decide if you want to live in an apartment within the city itself, so you take advantage of Madrid’s shops, cultural activities, etc. Or if you would rather live outside the city centre where you will enjoy more space, less city stress and more peace and quiet.

In the outlying areas there are more availability of individual detached and terrace type town houses, with gardens and swimming pools.

We give you ideas of where to live. Then, depending on your tastes, budget and availability… we will find you a place to live that matches with the requirements you tell us in the questionnaire!

Choosing an area to live is not always easy: work, transport, budget and schools are the main factors that will guide you. Our experience shows that there is a high concentration of foreign families in the North, North-West and North-East of Madrid closest to the international schools.   Be cautious when planning your housing budget and remember that Madrid is quite expensive despite the crisis. Often expats think that the market is lower than it is. Being true that prices have come down, they have not done it as it could be expected outside Spain.

Although the price can be reduced sometimes, haggling is not a normal practice and owners could be offended if you pretend to reduce the price dramatically.

Another thing to keep in mind, is the size of the bedrooms, normally tiny. We often find impossible to have a king size bed if you want to be able to walk around the bed instead of “jumping” to it!. The explanation is probably that spaniards spend most of the time in the living room with family and friends or outside having fun with family and friends and therefore the apartments or houses are orientated to  this way of living.

Lydia Martínez
CEO at Stepsrelocation


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